The Intel

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Kell and welcome to The Re-Shelf’s Intel page. I’m in my late 20s and an avid lover of books and social media (a good combo for a book blogger, no?).

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences. I currently work in a university library and answer many questions about databases and whether an article is scholarly or not. And about citations. Lots of questions about citations.

How The Re-Shelf Began

The Re-Shelf started as a way to keep track of the 40 books I was reading for my Young Adult Literature and Services class in Spring of 2009. It also filled the gap that had been left from working in a local bookstore’s children’s department, where I frequently made reviews for both customers and other booksellers. I’ve been puttering around the blog ever since.

Books I Love

The majority of books you will see on The Re-Shelf will be Young Adult fiction. However, I do dabble in reading adult fiction and middle grade fiction, so that may trickle onto the site at times.

If we want to get into specific genres that I adore, I tend to favor contemporary romances, fantasy and dystopian novels. In addition, if it looks remotely amusing, I will probably pick it up. Really, though, I’ll give almost any type of genre a chance.

I’m also attempting to read all the Printz and Morris award winners and honor books.

Review Policy

I am happy to accept books for review on The Re-Shelf, however please understand that blogging and reviewing is not my full-time job. I will do my best to post a review of any book that I finish in a timely manner.

I am completely open to receiving review books by mail or in e-book form (I am a proud nook owner). I also would be happy to host author interviews, blog tours, and contests.

While I prefer to receive books that fall into the Books I Love category (see above), I am open to receiving books outside the genres I have mentioned. It’s always good to broaden your horizon!

To contact me, please feel free to email me at thereshelf (at) gmail (dot) com.

I also am a member of NetGalley and receive e-ARCs that way!

Other Things that May or May Not be Important but I Wish to Tell You Anyway

I have two cats. They have names, but are most frequently called Orange Cat and Gray Cat, for better or worse. I love television, movies and musicals. I’m currently obsessed with Doctor Who (I even have another blog about it).

I’m starting to explore tea to divert my addiction to pop into something a bit better for me.

Other Places You can Find Me

I’m a social networking nerd, so I tend to be all over the place. For The Re-Shelf, though, you can find my Twitter account here.


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