Your Flyleaf is Showing : Alice in Zombieland







I have absolutely no clue how this is going to look. Is the app smart enough to turn it into a gallery? Guess we’ll find out.

Hi, everyone! After 3,000 miles and a crap ton of packing and unpacking, I am officially bringing you this latest blog from Ohio. That’s right! I have made my triumphant return to the Lower 48 from AK. Now, when I post late at night, it will be late at night East Coast Time, not Alaska-Seriously-No-One-But-Me-is-Awake-in-the-World Time.

And due to my long absence as I brought 2 cats, a car, and over 500 books over two borders (okay – the car was shipped – but that might have been the biggest hassle of all!), I am returning with my series: Your Flyleaf is Showing. A look at the gorgeous book art hiding beneath the jacket.

I’ve been holding onto this post since Alice in Zombieland fell into my hands. Holy geez is the book design gorgeous. I have to apologize for the blurry photos – I was about to put this beaut in a box and was a touch rushed – but I hope it shows the awesome detail the latest from Gena Showalter contains beneath the dust cover. I am basically in love with it.

The story itself is a good one – zombies that only a few can see. Alice, quite suddenly and tragically, being one of them. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping for a few more parallels to Wonderland, since the book title and series title, (The White Rabbit Chronicles,) clearly invokes the children’s classic. Since there are more to come, I’m hoping the connection becomes stronger as the world builds. We shall see.

Otherwise, this is a fun and creepy – remember, we’ve got Zombies! – book to gobble up. The romance, while predictable, had me grinning ear to ear in parts. I did struggle with Alice – she’s so abrasive with her father at the beginning and her character turn around took longer than I hoped – and it took awhile to start rooting for her. Once I did, though, I wanted more!

Interestingly, I had a harder time with Alice’s gal pal Kat. Which, normally, I love side kicks. And she had me at parts. But on the whole, she was a lot to handle. And most of my eye-rolls came from something she did/said/instigated.

You may or may not have noticed, but I don’t cover a lot of zombie books here. It isn’t my fave genre, to be blunt. So I can’t tell you if the zombie world created here was original or unique or anything. But I can say that I quite enjoyed the non-zombie baddies. Usually, I think. Zombies are the bad guys. MORE THAN ONE SET OF BAD GUYS HERE.

Mostly, though, I really wanted y’all to see the gorgeous work put into this book. Cause man, it is beautiful.

Now that we are back up and running, you should be hearing from me soooooooon!*

* this is my first post using an app. If it looks wonky or awful, blame that? And I’ll fix it tomorrow on an actual computer. But fingers crossed it works the first time!


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