2012 Cybils Finalists

Hello, my lovely friends on the Internets!

It is so, so, sosososososososoosossososoosososso wonderful to finally share with you the 2012 Cybils Finalists!

I am equally excited for everyone to see the books my group (The YA Fiction) selected to move on to the next round and to add allllllll the books from the other groups.

I also have to say, once again, how much fun (and exhausting. but mostly fun.) it was to serve on the panel. The group was utterly delightful and extremely articulate. They made signing off from our No-Holds-Barred-Fight-for-the-Life-of-Your-One-True-Book chat bittersweet. Sad because our little cohort was breaking up, but happy because TIRED. (Although, everyone basically had a list of books they had been WAITING to read for the last three months.)(Mostly, SFF/adult/non-cancer books seemed to be winning out.)(more on that later this week.)

I wish all the judges epic amounts of luck. It is extremely hard to narrow the list down to 5-7, so I can’t image picking just 1. I cannot WAIT to see which book remains supreme at the end of it all!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday,



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