The Disenchantments

by Nina LaCour

The Disenchantments coverThe Disenchantments are going on tour – their first and last – before heading separate ways. 

Colby thinks this tour is part one of an epic gap year exploring the world with his best friend, Bev. But Bev has other ideas – which she expresses to Colby just hours after disembarking up the coast.

As The Disenchantments continue to play shows, Colby has to realign all thoughts on his future – with or without Bev.

You may or may not have noticed this: but I love stories that glorify the awesome randomness of life. (See also: Okay for Now, My Most Excellent Year) This also extends to movies. (See also [and somewhat inexplicably]: The Goonies, Adventures in Babysitting, EuroTrip) And road trip stories. (I’m not going to reveal some of the road trip stories I love. Yes, they are somehow even more weird than EuroTrip*) So a road trip story that glorifies the randomness of life? I am So There.

Luckily, I really, really enjoyed The Disenchantments. I found it utterly charming. Also, heartbreaking. And hopeful. And bittersweet. Just like the summer after senior year, but before college (or whatever comes after senior year) should be.

And as a connoisseur of randomness of life stories,** I may have understood that the seemingly random things were going to come together SOMEHOW but it was glorious to watch how they did. How each decision and action made throughout the trip led to the final few chapters. Ugh. Talk about a reader reward. Love it.

I loved Colby’s voice. And Bev’s (even if it was mostly withdrawn)(full disclosure: Bev drove be BONKERS, but I think she was supposed to, so I was mostly okay with it). But I really, really, really loved the characters of Meg and Alexa and how they factored into the story. BUT. I firmly, firmly believe not everyone is going to love or engage with these characters. They are dramatic, and – dare I say – way hipster. And, like I said, Bev is a bit of a mess and HARD to connect with, let alone being likeable. So, this isn’t one of those one-size-fits-all books. And the characters are all sort of in the same vein, so it might be hard to like ANY of them if you don’t like one of them.

But, I found them charming. And the story charming. It warmed my heartstrings.


Published by: Dutton
How I got this book: the library!

* And, let’s be real, EuroTrip also gave us the most amazing Matt Damon cameo EVER and the classic, and catchy, Scottie Doesn’t Know.
** Clearly, a self-appointed title


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