The Lynburn Legacy #1
by Sarah Rees Brennan

Unspoken coverWhen the mysterious and much-discussed Lynburn’s return to their creepy manor in Kami’s small town, everyone is aflutter, sure the return will mean dark and sinister things are soon to be afoot.

For Kami, though, it’s another mystery to pursue. But Kami doesn’t exactly roll like the rest of her town. You see, Kami has an imaginary friend in her head. Like, for real. She’s always been able to hear the disembodied voice of a boy since she was a child – reverberating through her mind, responding to her thoughts.

You can imagine what this does to one’s social status. But it allows her a certain freedom from the usual gossip – a freedom to investigate and explore.

Oh, Sarah Rees Brennan. You got me on this one!

Holy geez, talk about a driving me crazy with an ending. When does book 2 come out, again?

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. The ending, I mean. No, we’re here to talk about how much I enjoyed Unspoken. Because I really did. It completely helped that Kami is the kind of character I can 100% get behind: plucky, resourceful and laugh-out-loud funny. So many elements of the ever-awesome Veronica Mars. But crossed with a marshmallow. Because Kami doesn’t quite have VMars’ mean streak. (This is not a bad thing.)

I also really appreciated the consequences of meeting the voice-in-your-head-since-birth in real life. Talk about a shock, amiright?

There were some bumps in the story, for me, though. And by bumps I mean sometimes it just lacked a certain flow. Occasionally an action or scene just didn’t fit for me. And some of the scenes really screamed “GOTHIC” and “CREEPY” to me, while the next immediate scene had a cheerful and happy vibe, which was…odd, for lack of a better term. Overall, though, the desire to figure out what the heck was happening was enough to get things back on track.

This was a book I plowed through in one sitting because of two things: 1. as mentioned above, to figure out WTH was going on and 2. Because Kami is such a delight to follow around. And I plan on doing the same for the remaining books. Because I still don’t really know what’s going on (in the larger scheme of things) and I hope I will always be delighted by Kami.

A super, super fun and creepy book. Highly recommend checking it out!

Published by: Random House BFYR
I came upon this book: due to an egalley from the publisher.

*I always seem to say it, but another awesome cover.


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