Cybils 2012

Cybils 2012 Logo

Sorry this is 1.5 days late but I have been nursing a heck uva cold this week. (It even made me doubt myself when a Harry Potter question came up at trivia last night. I KNOW.)

But a stuffy nose and cloud of exhaustion will not stop me from being REALLY, REALLY excited about serving on The Cybils YA Fiction panel again this year. I’ll be kicking things off in Round 1 with Jackie (our guiding force and Interim Overlord of Cybils), Leila, Sarah, William, Clementine, Kendall and Kirstin. I can’t wait for the tons of emails to start rolling in discussing books, more books and food. (I think the break down for that is 40/40/20.)

Obviously, YA Fiction isn’t the only category, so make sure to go check out the Cybils page for more info about All The Books and MOST IMPORTANTLY put Oct 1st in your calendar – book noms start at midnight! (I totally have my noms picked out!)

Have a lovely day all!


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