Kill Me Softly

by Sarah Cross

Kill Me Softly coverMira is seeking her parents. She knows they’re dead, but she just wants to see their graves – to pay her respect and, maybe, figure some things out about herself.

So she sneaks away from her godmothers in the middle of the night. With…half of a plan. It can’t be that hard to find graves in the town of Beau Rivage, right?

Things go from bad to weird in about 2.4 seconds and Mira is forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to complete her goal.

And strange they are.

I do love a good fairy tale re-telling. Although, I’m not sure this qualifies as a re-telling as much as a re-living. The concept is interesting: Certain people are branded as fairytale icons and are, therefore, forced to complete the famous story at some point in their life. There are a myriad of fairy tales at play, but Mira’s story is a combination of two. She’s in the Sleeping Beauty tale, and the other one…well, to be honest, naming the other story is a TOTAL spoiler. But let’s just say it’s not a “common” one and it was So. Awesome.

I was a little surprised it took Mira so long to figure out what was going on. I could understand her not BELIEVING what she was figuring out – but to not even speculate was a bit silly, even if she wasn’t read fairy tales as a kid. Disney is ubiquitous enough that I wasn’t buying that excuse.

The plot was a bit…wandering at times. Mira snuck out of her house, spent her savings and was prepared for the worst in order to find her parents grave and yet she was very, very distracted from this purpose for most of the book. I can understand this distraction once she figured out what was going on, but this was happening before she even knew what was going on.

I loved how Cross portrayed each of the real life fairy tales and what living with the blessing/curse was like in every day life. I actually found some of the secondary characters more intriguing than Mira because of how they were coping with their predetermined paths.

No word, that I can find, on if this will be turning into a series, but I think it easily lends itself to that. While the story does come to a conclusion, there certainly are many threads Cross could pursue if she opted to come back to the world she’s built.

You’ll notice I haven’t said a single thing about the love story. As I mentioned above, the second fairy tale that Mira gets roped into (other than her own) would COMPLETELY give it away and, of course, that’s the one the love interest(s) are wrapped up in. Just know that I liked the difference between all three of the guys in Mira’s vision.

Like I said, I found the premise and the characters absolutely fascinating, even if I though Mira was a bit wishy-washy. I would certainly be interested in further books in this world, if only because I want to see how some of the secondary characters’ curses play out.

Copy from: egalley from Publisher
Published by: Egmont


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