Deadly Cool

(Deadly Cool #1)

by Gemma Halliday

Deadly cover artHartley is suspicious her boyfriend is cheating on her. So not cool, right? So, she does what any normal possibly-scorned teen does: she breaks into her boyfriend’s house to find proof.

And she finds proof all right: the dead body of the girl her boyfriend was apparently hooking up with.

Not a good development for a relationship.

Hartley decides to take matters into her own hands when her now ex-boyfriend is implicated as the murderer. He may be a cheating scumbag, but he’s no killer. At least, Hartley’s pretty sure he’s not.

I’ve been wanting to chat about Deadly Cool for awhile now. This was one of my favorite reads of the Cybils. So let’s talk about why:

First and foremost, this is what I like to call a pop culture tome. Basically, there’s texting, snarkiness and a touch of not-quite-real self awareness on the part of the main characters. To me, this isn’t a bad thing. I actually love it. But, I know some people find it annoying. Fair warning there.

Hartley is a touch crazy, zany, smart and sassy. As I mentioned above, she’s also overly self-aware, which can seem a touch unbelievable at times. The following exchange happened right after she discovered her boyfriend was likely cheating on her:

“Holy effing crap, that sucks!”
I turned to her. “Effing?”
Sam shrugged. “What?”
“We’re censoring now?”

To me, that’s probably not the normal reaction to discovering your boyfriend has been less than faithful. But, still. Funny. Which you know I approve of.

I also really love when main characters discover they are Smarter and Better than they realized. And Deadly Cool has a few of those characters that I came to adore.

The actual murder mystery is well done. I speculated on who the actual killer was at the very beginning, but ended up changing my mind by falling for a few red herrings. Hartley’s handling of the mystery was part Veronica Mars, part Scooby Doo and part lucky all rolled together. All things I approve of.

The biggest issue I had was WHY for the love of all that is good would Hartley want to even begin helping out a boyfriend who cheated on her. I mean, it’s one thing to believe he’s not guilty. It’s completely another to aid and abet. Come on.

All in all, I loved this campy romp. I read it in one sitting and laughed out loud numerous times. I’m very much looking forward to the sequel! I also am on hold to try one of Halliday’s adult novels, which appear to be in the same vein as Deadly Cool.

Available: Everywhere. You know you want it!
Published by: HarperTeen
My copy came from: the publisher, for the Cybils
Social Suicide, the sequel, is set to come out: April 24, 2012!


One response to “Deadly Cool

  1. I really liked this book! I wish we had more YA mysteries.

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