by Adele Griffin

Tighter coverWhile Jamie’s not thrilled to be a summer au pair on a tiny island, she takes her job in stride and does her best to entertain her charge, Isa, in the big house Isa’s absent father owns.

But things start going wonky almost immediately. Jamie isn’t sure, but she swears she keeps seeing a teen-aged couple hanging around the house. And that weird, not possible things are happening inside the house.

In this re-telling of The Turn of the Screw, all is not what it seems in the creepy-crawly, terrifying Tighter.

I have never read The Turn of the Screw but I assure you that if it’s half as creepy as Tighter, I’ll be saving it for another day. Cause wow. The lights were left on after reading this guy.

Griffin has written a tight, compact story that is filled with twists, turns and bumps-in-the-night. The reveal at the end took me by surprise, which was excellent and even MORE creepy.

This is one of those that you read aloud at the campfire or on Halloween. Well done, all around.

But seriously. Creepy.


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