Romance 3-Pack

Three Reviews for the Price of One! What a steal!

Okay, let’s be real, I wish I could give each book I’ve been reading the in-depth, rambling review that I like to call the Kell Treatment, but I (sadly) don’t have the time. (I have at least 24 more books to read by Christmas just to meet my goal! Motivation!) So here’s what I’m going to do: a paragraph on a few titles at a time. I’m also going to link to the book’s GoodReads page so you can get a full-description and a ton of other reviews if you are so inclined!

Thanks for understanding, lovely readers. For today, I present 3 excellent titles with the common theme of romance. There’s more to each, obviously, but romance is the tie that binds.

What Happened to Goodbye
by Sarah Dessen

McLean and her dad have been moving around the country fixing restaurants, each trying (and mostly failing) to move on from the bitter divorce that tore apart their family. Something about this current move, though, is different. Maybe it’s the boy next door, maybe it’s the restaurant – whatever it is, it’s making McLean take stock.
I liked this recent release by Dessen, but it isn’t my favorite. I thought McLean was an interesting main character and, as a sports fan, I loved how basketball played into things. The highlight of the book, for me, though, was Deb. I want a whole book about Deb. A poignant and entertaining read.

The Anti-Prom
by Abby McDonald

One night. Three different girls. One wild, prom-avoiding ride.
Okay, not much of a description, but there you have it. We follow three girls who have to work together for some major revenge plots on prom night. I liked The Anti-Prom way more than I expected. I found it endearing and loved the one-night-only timeline. A good read about friendship and the pains of romance.

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have)
by Sarah Mlynowski

April’s mom moved to Paris after the divorce and April decided to stay with her dad, where her life was. Until her dad gets a job in Cleveland and now she’s being forced to move again – unless she can stay with her equally parent-less friend?
I appreciate the premise of 10TWD; what teenager doesn’t wonder what life would be like bunking with your BFF forever? But what made me really like it was Mlynowski’s writing style. I loved the way the book was presented: list form, with appropriate headings. Mishandled, this storyline could have been jumbled and down-right confusing, but it’s not. And there are some pretty adorbs boys in it, too!

All these books are now available!

All except the Dessen (which I got from the library), were provided by the publisher. All three were read for the Cybils!


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