Between Shades of Gray

by Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Grey coverLina has a comfortable life in Lithuania. She attends school, draws, gossips with her cousin – the problems of the world in 1941 are outside her sphere and life is, for the most part, happy.

Until the sphere pops and her family is uprooted in the middle of the night by the Soviet police with only twenty minutes to pack a scant amount of things. She has no idea where she’s going and her father hasn’t come home either.

I thought Between Shades of Gray was wonderfully written and absolutely haunting. I knew vaguely of the awful treatment in the Baltic States during WWII but had no real idea of what happened and this novel really brought that home.

What made Gray so glorious, I thought, were the glimmers of hope and resilience many of the characters had throughout the book, even though they were in the most awful and horrendous of circumstances. I haven’t pulled for characters this much in a long time.

A really great, historical fiction read. Loved.

Where this book came from: library
Publisher: Philomel Books
Available: Now
Read for: Cybils

p.s. Once again, obligatory apologizing for the short reviews. This is a quantity over quality thing for the moment.


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