The Liar Society

Liar Society #1

by Lisa & Laura Roecker

Cover for The Liar SocietyKate’s best friend is dead. She died in a freak fire in an old building on the school grounds. The fire was ruled accidental, but Kate just can’t believe it. But she does know that Grace is gone.

Until an email from Grace comes in with clues about something going on that night. Something about a secret society. But ghosts can’t email, can they?

The Liar Society really surprised me. It was not anything like I expected in such a good, refreshing way. Kate’s character was really what stood out to me – she thought clearly and concisely – and even when she was doing something stupid, she called herself out on that. I was just so happy to have a character to support that wasn’t blindly stumbling along. Kate (and her awesome sidekicks) really was working things out.

The ending, though, is UGH. UGH is the only way I can put it. I mean, fair enough, there are going to be more Liar Society books. A cliff hanger was inevitable. But this was almost like a punch in the stomach!

I’ll be tuning in next time, though.

Where this came from: Library
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Available: Now
Read: for the Cybils.


One response to “The Liar Society

  1. I really liked this book!

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