Uncommon Criminals

(Heist Society #2)

by Ally Carter

Uncommon Criminals coverAfter the events of Heist Society, Kat has decided to use her skills for good by returning other high-priced items to their proper owner. By herself. Which doesn’t make her old crew particularly happy. But, it makes Kat happy. It keeps her removed and busy. And she’s good at it. Until the mysterious¬†Visily Romani pops up on a business card – held by a woman looking to get a Very Important gemstone back to proper authorities. The gemstone, the Cleopatra Emerald, isn’t just ridiculously hard to steal – it also holds the special honor of the one thing her family has forbidden as an object of affection. Mostly because the gem is cursed. But Kat doesn’t believe in that, does she?

Let’s just get this out: I really liked Heist Society, but I found Uncommon Criminals to be better. The heist(s) were awesome. Kat was angsty. Visily Romani was as mysterious as ever. The stakes were high. And the story of the Cleopatra and Antony emeralds (while fiction – I checked Wikipedia, so it must be true!) was super intriguing. And, of course, Hale was there. Win!

I did not like how few of the old crew were involved with this one, but I forgave Ally because she did let us meet more of Kat’s super crazy family (and learn their BACKGROUNDS).

Uncommon Criminals was a great caper story, fleecing both the fictional characters and the reader (I was fleeced, at least). I very much look forward to the next.

Publisher: Hyperion
How I got a hold of it: I bought it.
It’s also a Cybils nominee, so read for that.

p.s. Dear Ally, at some point in the series, can we address the possibility of the Antony Emerald again? Because, yeah. That is such a cool idea. Thanks! Love, Kell

p.p.s. Visily Romani must have an excellent business card company that he utilizes.


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