2011 Cybils

I am so, so, So. Excited. to have been selected as a judge in the second round of the Cybils this year. I’ll be judging the Young Adult Fiction category – an extremely popular category, so I am both humbled and thrilled to be given the chance to participate.

I’m also dancing in my seat about working with the other judges in the category (you can see all the judges here) – I have been reading some of those blogs for quite some time!

So, what does this mean for me? Well, right off the bat, excluding the jumping-in-excitement around my office, not much. The crack group of first round judges (you can see them at the same link as above.) will be wading through all the nominated titles, whittling the hundred+ entries down to a shortlist. Which is when my esteemed fellow second round judges and I will step in.

Nominations you say? What is this of nominations?

Well, you – That’s right YOU! – can nominate your favorite title(s) of the year right here to be considered. There are a few restrictions, including a specific date range for publication, only one nomination per book (the list of already nominated YA fiction is here. Keep in mind that YA SciFi/Fantasy has its own group.), and you can only nominate one title in each category. The full rules are here.

So what are you waiting for? Go make sure your favorite books of the year are nominated!

Gah! Sooooo pumped.

Okay. I’ll stop freaking out now.



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