Shut Out

by Kody Keplinger

Shut Out cover art.The football players vs. the soccer players. An epic, no-longer harmless battle that interrupts all of life at Hamilton High every year and Lissa is so over it. She’s sick of having dates with her quarterback boyfriend interrupted because of the rivalry. So she’s rallied the other girlfriends and they are taking a stand – a sex strike to end the rivalry for good.

Things I did not like about this book*:

  • I didn’t find it as funny as I wanted it to be
  • The “battle of the sexes” was, approximately, one afternoon (in the book’s defense, this was not the book’s fault. It was the advertising’s fault.)
  • The plot was a bit slow. I mean, I read it in just a few days, but it was more because I knew something good was coming, not because something good was happening until about half-way through the book.

Things I really liked about this book:

  • The frank discussion of sex, from a teenage girl point of view. (Others far smarter than me have discussed this on GoodReads, so I’ll leave it to them. For me I’m just please to see it happening in print.)
  • An interesting look at current friendships and former friendships aka Keplinger didn’t turn the former friend into a Bitch. (I approve!)
  • The boys discussed** had both good sides and bad sides.
  • Soccer. And Football. Well, a bit of them, anyway.

In sum, I liked this book and thought there were some pretty valid Good Things about it, but it wasn’t my all-consuming favorite read of the year.

* Sorry for the complete lack of any type of formality today. I’ve had about two cups of caffeine-filled items and I’m still not firing on all cylinders. Please excuse.

**Spoilers and all that. The last thing I want to do is make River Song angry!


2 responses to “Shut Out

  1. Is this, like, supposed to be a modern day take on Lysistrata?

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