A Long, Long Sleep

by Anna Sheehan

the cover art for A Long, Long SleepRosalinda has been pulled out of stasis by a kiss. A kiss of life. She is shocked to discover that she has been locked in her stasis tube, undiscovered, unageing and alone for over half a century. Her friends and family are long dead and she has awoken into a world that is different and had been changed by horrific sufferings.

But it isn’t just grieving for her loved ones and attempting to re-assimilate to this newly discovered, unwanted life. No. Something else awoke when Rose did. Something with one mission: to find Rose and eliminate her.

It took two attempts to read this one. The first, faltering time was – admittedly – my own fault for giving up. I started reading it and was convinced it was just another Sleeping Beauty retelling. I had read quite a few updated fairy tales of late and just couldn’t deal with another. So I put it down and moved onto another book.

The second time I picked it up was far more successful. I realized that aside from the fact a girl is asleep for a very long time and awoken by a “kiss” from a boy, there’s not much to compare with the age-old tale.

In the end, I rather enjoyed A Long, Long Sleep, although some of the pacing was a bit off. I even thought some things, like many of the scenes at school, probably could have been edited out. And I guessed the big reveal WELL before Rose put two and two together.

Well, one of the big reveals. The one dealing with boys. The one dealing with who was trying to kill her threw me completely. How ridiculously dark. I loved it. That was a rather twisted twist, if you will.

I certainly wouldn’t call this a retelling, even though it appears to be at first. And I wouldn’t call this one a complete win – but there were some interesting (read: scary) takes on the future, which I always enjoy and, as mentioned above, a pretty unexpected (on my end) twist and lingering mystery at the end.

Published by: Candlewick
Available: Now
Where my copy came from: An egalley from Netgalley, provided by the publisher.


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