Sharks & Boys

by Kristen Tracy

Sharks and Boys coverWhen Enid’s sort-of-but-not-really-anymore-maybe boyfriend, Wick, goes off on a guy’s trip, she decides to follow him. Which is bizarre. She never does anything this impulsive or bonkers.

Which is why it’s even more surprising when she stows away on the boat Enid & Wick’s friends own. She didn’t mean to, she just accidentally got trapped in the downstairs bathroom while trying to spy a bit.

All she has to do, she figures, is sit and wait and hope none of the boys have to go to the bathroom. But Enid didn’t count on the deadly storm. Or the sharks. She didn’t factor in fighting for her and her friend’s lives.

I’m just going to say it. I was not a fan of Sharks & Boys.

Partially, it’s the cover. When you look at that cover you have NO CLUE what you’re about to get yourself into. That cover does not scream “This is going to be HIGHLY depressing and also ridiculously terrifying.” Or, at least, it doesn’t to me.

Partially I didn’t like the book because of the depressing-ness and the terrifying-ness – but, and I’m willing to admit this, that’s my fault. Because even though I knew what the book was about, I somehow thought it might be lighter than it sounded. It wasn’t.

If we’re being honest, however,  I mostly didn’t like this book because of Enid. I wanted someone to shake her out of whatever crazy state she was in. First, she follows a boy from her home to a house in Maryland then onto a BOAT. I was almost willing to forgive that – she’s a teenager and we can all get a bit…needy at times. In fact, getting stuck on a boat with your sorta boyfriend, brother and all of the boys that you’ve been growing up with can actually turn into a romantic romp if done right! BUT IT DIDN’T.

No, Enid really made it all about her. And I know, I. Know. that eventually we discover she has some issues with abandonment and trust. But that does not mean when (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) your friends are seriously injured you are allowed to be wondering if your sorta-boyfriend is now your boyfriend again. Not. Okay. Perspective, Enid, perspective.

The one thing I was fascinated by was the twin concept. Nearly every character mentioned in the book is a twin, because the group of friends participate in twin study together. The insight in THAT area was a great read…I just wish the rest had been similarly awesome.


One response to “Sharks & Boys

  1. Whaaaaaaaaat?
    Looking at the cover, you’d think it’s a sunshine-y fluffy read!
    I am happy to know it’s depressing and terrifying.. 🙂
    I might actually give it a try.

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