by Josephine Angelini

Starcrossed #1 Cover ImageHelen lives on Nantucket. Scratch that. Helen attempts to hide in Nantucket. Nearly 6 feet and still growing, she feels like a fish out of water and hates the attention she gets. Which is why, when she encounters the new boy in school and promptly attempts to kill him in front of everyone, it’s a touch out of character.

Helen quickly realizes that the new family isn’t normal. In fact, they seem more like her than anyone she’s ever met. Do they hold the answers to her oddness? Does Helen want to know what those answers might be?

Oh, Starcrossed. I started you so innocently, thinking I’d get a few chapters in before bed. 4 hours later I was putting you down after a marathon reading session. What a fun, exciting romp through island life and Greek myth.

Now, I’m sure many of you have read the reviews, calling Starcrossed a mix between Twilight and Percy Jackson. And these are completely valid. There are many similarities between the plots and characters. (I’d also add in The Mortal Instruments series, largely because of one important twist.)

However, Starcrossed does manage to stand on its own, I think. I really liked the character of Helen, who stands up for both her friends and family – and apologizes when she realizes she’s been selfish. Lucas’ character was a bit…cardboard. I’m hoping his role in things is a bit more fleshed out in the later books. I adored Claire, Helen’s BFF. Her revelation toward the end was both spot on and funny.

Was the writing amazing? No. Did I think some of it was predictable? Yes. (Mostly Helen’s role in things. That was so obvious. How did she not know? That might be my biggest pet peeve of all.) The pacing of the book, though, was at top-speed (hence the marathon reading session) and there were (and still are) some good mysteries to keep the reader guessing and those two things completely overshadowed the problems I had with the book.

Starcrossed is the first in a trilogy (hooray! Not a series! I can get behind trilogies!), and I’m pretty excited to see where Angelini is taking us with the story. Really looking forward to Dreamless next year.

Where this one came from: an egalley provided by the publisher through Netgalley. (Although it is now on my To-Buy list. That cover is so shiny and pretty!)
Available: Now, from HarperTeen


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