by Megan McCafferty

Bumped cover imageIn the near future, a virus has made all women over the age of 18 infertile, creating a market for teen pregnancies and giving teen girls a new sort of power.

Melody plans to exploit this power and use money earned as a surrogate to pay for college and a great lifestyle – even if it means denying any and all attractions she has to the guys in her life. But then Harmony walks in the door. Melody’s long-lost twin sister and firm believer that pregging for money is a sin.

Bumped was a study in contradictions for me. I loved the set-up and world building. McCafferty does an amazing job of explaining how the economy has changed due to the virus and the results, both small and large, caused by those changes.

But when you find yourself more interested in the background world than the characters, that’s a problem. I just didn’t seem to be investing in the characters until the bitter, bitter end, when things took a bit of a turn.

This pattern – of finding the world-building interesting and not really getting into the character stories until the very end due to a plot twist – seems to have taken off lately and I’ve been finding it happening more and more in the first book of a series. I’m hoping in the case of the Bumped series the next book will build on the characters, now the world has been firmly carved in stone.

Unsurprisingly (to me), I also found myself liking Melody far more than Harmony. It was hard to be sympathetic or interested in what was going on with Harmony because she was, well, boring and predictable for most of the story. (And annoying. Let’s be honest.) Hopefully, she’ll win me over in the next book because it’s hard to enjoy a book when you don’t like one of the main characters.

So, while I wasn’t over the moon about Bumped like I had wanted to be (because that cover is one of my faves), McCafferty did win me over with interest in her setting. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for the sequel, Thumped.

Published by: Balzar + Bray; April 2011
Came from: Netgalley, ARC provided by publisher
Available: Now!


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