Nerds Heart YA Decision


The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I will now reveal what book is going to continue on to the Third Round of the Nerds Heart YA Tournament!

First and foremost, it was incredible participating in Nerds Heart YA 2011. Not only is it incredibly fun to discuss books with other bloggers through this type of judging, it was excellent to read books that I normally would not have picked up. (Which, is obviously the whole point of the Tournament. Love it.)

Both books were extremely well-written and had engaging characters and storylines – basically, there was a reason both books made it to the second round.

Sadly, though, I must select just one book to carry on in the tournament.

So here we go with the big reveal:

(drum roll please)

I will be putting forth:

What Momma Left Me coverWhat My Momma Left Me by Renee Watson

Days later, I’m still thinking about the many intricacies of the novel and have recommended it to numerous people.

While I’m sad for Reggie, Ruthie, Joe C. & Co., Watson should be incredibly proud of 8th Grade Superzero and the message it wore on its sleeve.

Both books were great reads and I recommend each, as well as all the other books in the tournament.

Remember to keep checking back with the Nerds Heart YA bracket to see how the other books are doing and what will win the final “prize!”



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