The Last Little Blue Envelope

by Maureen Johnson

Last Little Blue Envelope coverIf I went about reviewing this book in a normal way, I would basically just gush. Gush about Ginny’s growing maturity, and the relationships that seemed so natural, even with the large gap in publication dates between 13 Little Blue Envelopes and its long-awaited sequel. Gushing about things I can’t actually say without being too spoilery.*

But I really, honestly, seriously could not help the gushing. Maureen Johnson single-handedly (not a word, I know.) re-introduced me to the YA genre with 13 Little Blue Envelopes, so its sequel is a Big Deal. There could have been a drawing of a cat playing chess with a caption of “Check Mate!” and I would have loved it. Ginny just holds such an important place in my literary world, it’s hard to think in an unbiased way.**

But if I have to say something constructive and thoughtful that isn’t YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW (and if you haven’t read 13 LBE, you should!), it would be this: what Maureen did so well in Ginny’s first adventure, she continues with LLBE. That being, in my mind anyway, the ability to have a humorous, zany, quirky book that still has a solid, thoughtful and heartfelt core.

Ginny and The Crew are a delight to visit with once again, and if I haven’t made the point well enough, this book is a great one to check out. Especially en route for a trip during the summer. But even more especially if you’re stuck at home instead of traveling during the summer. So good.***

Published by: HarperTeen
Available: Now, all over!
Where this book came from: ebook provided by the publisher

*SPOILER : Oliver was super moody, mysterious hot, am I right? And KEITH. Oh, KEITH.
**13LBE is also one of my go-to books for Reader’s Advisory. And to introduce my adult friends to YA.
***You should also check out Maureen’s twitter. I’m not sure a single thing amuses me more on a regular basis.


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