Red Glove

Curse Workers #2
by Holly Black

Red Glove book coverWith the release of Red Glove, we return again to the world where outlawed magic is controlled by the touch of a finger, and the profits of such forbidden magic are controlled by the mob bosses.

Cassel may have survived the fallout from White Cat, but an entirely new set of troubles awaits him.

Lila, the girl he has always wanted, finally wants him – but only because his mother put a love curse on her. The Feds got their hands on the test Cassel took proving he’s a worker. Now they want him on their side, talking about his friends and family and himself. But the government isn’t the only organization that wants to recruit Cassel.

Needless to say, Cassel is stuck between a rock, a hard place and…a few other hard places. And Red Glove continues the excellent series by Holly Black, once again leaving us with a crazy, crazy cliffhanger.

I continue to adore Cassel’s relationship with Sam and his on-going exploration of the world he grew up in and now is a part of. The interactions with Lila were, understandably, tragic. And, as always, the world-building was detailed and well-done.

Black continues the Curse Workers series with quick turns at every corner. I’m looking forward to Black Heart‘s release to see how she manages to work out all the kinks she’s built into the plot thus far.

Where this book came from: ebook for review by Simon & Schuster.


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