Where Have You Been!?!?!

Hi faithful Readers! (And those of you here because you are looking for book report information. For the record, those are some of my favorite Google search terms. 🙂 )

So, if you haven’t noticed (and it’s okay if you haven’t), the posting here has been slim for the last few weeks. And I apologize for that. I hate making excuses, but here’s one anyway: in short, the contract of my current job is up in a few months, so I have been jumping through the lovely hoops that are cover letters, resumes and online applications! (oh my!)

This isn’t over yet, so I wouldn’t expect regular posting BUT I have been doing some reading. (Airplanes are excellent places for this.) And most of it has been lovely reading that I cannot wait to discuss with you. I’m hoping to blow through some reviews this weekend.

I just wanted to check in. Say hi. Let you know rambling, off-topic, parenthesis-filled book reviews will be coming in the future.

Sometime between cleaning my room (I swear, I don’t understand HOW it gets so messy), being a bridesmaid (crunch time for that) and all the other things that make life, well, life.

I hope all is well with you and that you are having better weather than I am 🙂



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