by Lauren DeStefano

Wither Cover ImageDue to a heavy reliance on genetic engineering, human life-spans have been cut down to 20 and 25 years for women and men, respectively.

This has created a more hostile environment than anyone could imagine. An environment that 16 year-old Rhine has been surviving through with her brother for years. Until she’s snatched away and forced to marry a man. Along with two other girls with similar stories.
I had no idea Wither was the first in a series – and I’m thrilled there will be more. Knowing more books (and, hopefully, more information) are on their way turns this read from an good read to a great read. There were so many unanswered questions and plots left hanging that knowing more is on the way reassures me.

Wither is provocative and evokes a wide range of emotion. There’s a bit of Stockholm Syndrome, polygamous marriage, forbidden friendship, an evil, evil man and, as in all good dystopian novels, a quest to save the human existence.

While there is a lot going on, DeStefano does a beautiful job portraying the myriad of situations and relationships – none of the characters fell flat, but rather popped off the page. As I mentioned, I ended the book with a big feeling of “something’s missing,” but there are more coming that will hopefully (eventually) answer the many questions I have.

I am really looking forward to more in the Chemical Garden series. Actually, I’m looking forward to anything DeStefano writes. There are a lot of dystopian novels out there and DeStefano wrote one that not only was unique, but was gorgeous (and I’m not just talking about that cover).

Publisher: Simon and Schuster’s Children’s Publishing
Available: Now
Where my copy came from: ebook from the publisher


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