Darkness Becomes Her

by Kelly Keaton

Darkness Becomes Her coverAri has been looking for something. A glimpse into her past. A reason why she was left in the foster care system by her mother. A connection.

When she finally goes looking for that lost part of her family tree she discovers her mother died and left her a cryptic note, hinting at a grim future.

So Ari is off into New 2 to find what haunted her mother and what may lie ahead for Ari herself.

So, do me a favor and don’t read too much into that description of the book. That is, what I would call, the over-arcing plot in Darkness Becomes Her. However, things go from zero to 60 in about that many pages and story lines kind of…pop out everywhere.

If you don’t like supernatural, romance, retellings, etc., this is SO not the book for you. Mainly, because it has everything. New 2 is a haven for the “freaks,” who possess special gifts, talents or attributes that make living in a normal society impossible. There is a very big retelling, but I don’t want to mention it too much for fear of spoilers (more below, however). I will say, though, that it is updating/retelling a Greek myth that I have not seen done yet.

I haven’t said if I liked it or not yet. And that’s because I found the novel pretty flawed, but liked it none-the-less. There are about 50 characters in this book and each has their own storyline – so it got muddled and confusing. I also caught onto what was wrong with Ari pretty quickly, which made it harder to watch her struggle through discovering it on her own.

I also had trouble with Ari, Sebastian and Ari and Sebastian’s romance. I didn’t like that Ari felt like she was a freak only because she had shocking eyes and unusual hair. That wasn’t enough to convince me that she had been a loner before the book started. Keaton hinted that life was rough for Ari in more intense and not so superficial ways, but it was only briefly hinted and I would have liked more of that, I think.

Sebastian was pretty darn near perfect. Which annoys me on principal. No teenager who has been living in New 2 with his history is going to be quite that squeaky. And I’m so over this immediate fall-in love and make out thing. Especially when your main character is claiming that she’s a loner, freak, etc., etc. I know teenagers have hormones and all that, but their lightning-fast relationship did not jive well with me.

Like I said, I found the book flawed. But there were a lot of things I did like. I adored the mythology and voodoo and nods to various paranormal activity throughout Ari’s adventure in New 2. We might as well just say I loved the setting of New 2, as well. I thought using New Orleans in an alternate reality was absolutely brilliant and that Keaton did a great job with it.

And, really, I flew through the book. It’s very action/tension-packed, making it easy to want to keep turning pages. Of course I was upset about the cliff-hanger at the end, but there’s a sequel coming.

(Random aside – and I don’t mean to call this book out in particular, but can we get some straight up monograph novels in the paranormal YA genre? I love series, I do. But I love just as many single title books and I’m starting to stop reading books that are tied to a series. It’s just getting excessive.)

So, in sum: flawed, but a quick, fast-paced read for anyone who likes paranormal YA.

Publisher: Simon Pulse.
Available: Now.
How I got my hands on this: egalley from the publisher.

p.s. there’s an awful lot of cussing in this book, which rumor has it was changed from the galley copy I read. And that bums me out. Because I thought it was perfect for the tone and age group.

p.p.s. sorry for the long delay in posting, guys! Things have been crazy and I’ve barely had time to read, let alone post. But hopefully things have settled down A BIT.


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