Cryer’s Cross

By Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross coverCryer’s Cross is a small town. Like, population of 212 small. When a young teen goes missing with no explanation, it disturbs everyone. But Kendall, a 16 year-old girl living with OCD, has the balance she thrives on completely thrown with Tiffany’s disappearance. Life moves on, though, in a small farming town and Kendall, uneasily, settles back into life.

Until her best friend and sort of boyfriend, Nico, disappears under the same mysterious circumstances.

An excellent, excellent thriller. Something you want to read with the covers pulled tight around you and a few candles flickering nearby. It’s one of those books where you know something creepy and not-OK is going on, but you can’t figure out what EXACTLY it is.

This is such a well-layered novel: you have the mystery (where are these kids disappearing to? or from?), you have Kendall’s reaction to the mystery and the world around her, and you also have this interesting glimpse into farming life in a small ranch-town in Montana.

Oh, and did I mention the hot boy? Because there’s a hot boy. Just sayin’.

Did I have a guess as to what was going to be the outcome of the mystery? Yes. But I was still pretty shocked by the, as I saw it, rather bold turn of events at the end. I didn’t expect McMann to go that far, but I’m glad she did – it made the novel worthy of the creepy cover and creepy vibe that was building throughout the book.

I loved Kendall. I loved her attitude towards managing her OCD, her love for Nico and her love for both theatre and soccer (two of my personal faves as well). And, as I mentioned above, I loved the glimpse into not only seriously small town living, but also ranch life. It’s a setting you don’t see much in YA novels and I thought it was brilliantly displayed and used in Cryer’s Cross.

This is def. one to check out if you’re in the mood for a bit of a thrill. (And, remember, hot boy.)

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Available: Today!
Where this book came from: ebook courtesy of Simon & Schuster.


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