Let it Snow

by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle

Let it Snow cover Let it Snow is three short stories that intertwine and center around a snow storm that stops trains, trips to Waffle Houses and getting to work.

We have an adorable tale about a girl who is on a train to spend the holidays with her parents and is forced to abandon ship when the train is stuck overnight and she’s left with cheerleaders. (Maureen Johnson’s story)

We also have a quest by a group of friends to make it to a Waffle House, even though the circumstances seem to be against them. (John Green’s story)

And everything comes together in a final story about friendship, lost love and teacup pigs. (Lauren Myracle’s story)

Let it Snow is a group of funny, adorable stories that put you in a holiday mood, even if it is well beyond the holiday season. This one has been out awhile and I feel ridiculous for waiting so long to read it. All three authors are fantastic and do a great job with their individual story and characters.

Of course, one of my fave parts is how all three stories intertwine. I just adore continuity that weaves its way through a plot naturally. Plus, given all the crazy winter weather we just had here, the snow storm plot was completely appropriate. (And, as opposed to Trapped, a happy read instead of a thriller 🙂 )

If you are a fan of any of these authors, it’s worth giving this book a go. And if you haven’t read all three authors already, it’s a great introduction to their writing styles.

Where this book came from: I’ve owned it FOREVER. I know. I suck.


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