Here Lies Bridget

by Paige Harbison

Here Lies Bridget CoverBridget is at the top of her high school’s popularity pyramid. What she says, goes. And, usually, she says it without any thought as to who she’s hurting or upsetting.

But it wasn’t always that way. Bridget hasn’t always been been the mean girl. And it isn’t until a life or death experience has her considering her actions and changes she may or may not be able to make.

Here Lies Bridget wasn’t a typical read for me. I usually don’t do well with characters that are vaguely aware of their actions but do nothing to change them. And I still had that problem in this book, but it was tempered by some recollections of the circumstances that led to Bridget’s mean girl status.

I also think it’s hard to pull off a book like this without being too preachy about the main character’s faults and how to fix them. This book flirted with being overly preachy, but in the end I think Harbison was able to make it more of a commentary on the subject.

Bottom line, Here Lies Bridget kept me engaged and interested in both what was going to happen in the future and what had happened in the past. I had a few hang ups with the premise, but that was mostly due to my own personal preferences rather than the book.

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Publication Date: January 18, 2011
Reason for Reading: Debut Author Challenge
Where this book came from: NetGalley.


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