Girl, Stolen

by April Henry

Girl Stolen jacketCheyenne Wilder is 16 years-old, blind and suffering from pneumonia. She’s waiting in the car for her stepmom to return with antibiotics when a stranger gets in, turns the key and takes off unaware that Cheyenne is huddled in the backseat.

What a great, quick thriller. The pace of the novel is non-stop and the bad guys are terrifying. What’s even better is the tension continues to ramp up throughout the entire book – there are twists and turns in every chapter.

While Cheyenne is our victim, we switch perspectives between her and her kidnapper, Griffin, in alternating chapters. In some books this feels gimmicky. Not in Girl, Stolen‘s case. It really helped to crank up the action and make the plot twists even more shocking and reprehensible.

And the bad guys. Wowzah. Okay, so two of them are pretty stock. We can be honest about that. But our main bad guy? Terrifying. I think he’s even scarier after reading the book and knowing what I know now.

Reading about Cheyenne’s struggle with her sudden blindness was fascinating. Utterly so. She was a strong, smart character from the beginning – immediately trying to find a way out, thinking her actions through – but her flashbacks to discovering she was blind and how she struggled really made her seem even stronger in the present. Loved her.

I would talk about Griffin, but that just has spoilers written all over it. Seriously.

But APRIL. Can we PLEASE talk about that ending? Talk about leaving things open-ended. Sigh.

Where this book came from: library.

*Read as part of The Contemps Challenge*


4 responses to “Girl, Stolen

  1. I actually don’t think it was open-ended. I know the answer. Don’t you?

    • Thanks for coming over to the blog, April!

      I loved Girl, Stolen!

      To answer your question, I know how I would like to have it end, but there are totally other possibilities that could prevent the ending I want to imagine happened from happening. If that made sense.

      And that’s okay. (Even though my post may imply otherwise 🙂 ) I actually love when endings are a bit…vague. Not completely, mind you, but a bit.

      Please feel free to stop by anytime and keep us posted on whatever is coming next!

  2. I wanted the ending to hook the reader a little bit, but there are a few folks out there who hate it.

    As for up next: just last week I turned in final edits for The Night She Disappeared. It’s a thriller about a pizza delivery girl who is kidnapped and presumed murdered. But two of her coworkers don’t believe it, and they team up to find her. It will be out in January 2012, and I hope it will have as great a cover as Girl, Stolen.

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