Re-Shelf Resolutions

So, faithful readers, I have some exciting (to me) news. The stats of The Re-Shelf for 2010 are thisclose to being double that of the 2009 numbers! This information is awesome in and of itself, but it also means I have to put forth a promise I made to myself last year.

The Re-Shelf, to digress a bit, started to fill two needs: 1. I missed reviewing books for people when I stopped working at the bookstore and 2. I had started a similar review-type blog for myself when I was taking a Young Adult Literature course in grad school to help me keep track of the titles I was reading and what I thought of them. The Re-Shelf was the merging of these two needs.

Up until May of 2010, most of my time was devoted to my graduate program or work, so The Re-Shelf was just something I would putter around with – hence all the late night, rambling and terrible grammar posts you have been witness to if you have been around for awhile. It used to drive me nuts that I couldn’t devote the time and effort needed to make it the blog I have in my head – but that was life.

So, I made myself a promise at the end of last year: if my numbers doubled in 2010, I would attempt to spruce things up a bit.

And here we are.

As I’ve watched the numbers edge closer to that point, I’ve been thinking about things I would like to change. What surprised me was how many things I wanted to think about thoroughly and experiment with before making a decision. From this I decided to start the blog Re-shelf Resolutions where I will be chronicling my sprucing-up attempts and think out some of my ideas for future change in The Re-Shelf.

I would be delighted if you wanted to join me and make any opinions known! And, hopefully, it goes without saying that you should be seeing some changes here soon! (Although, being a night-owl, I cannot promise that there won’t still be some random terrible-grammar posts. I’m hoping it will be nostalgic?)

Either way, thank you to everyone who has had a glance at one of my reviews in the last two years. I hope you found them amusing and a bit helpful. (Although all those people who search google and come to my site hoping for homework answers – yes, you can tell – I’m sorry this site probably hasn’t yielded the information you are searching for.)

I hope everyone has very happy holidays and stays warm!



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