A Kiss in Time

by Alex Flinn

In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Talia, confined to the castle due to the chance she might stumble upon a spindle and put herself and the kingdom under a terrible spell, manages to do just that on the eve of her 16th birthday. The kingdom and Talia immediately fall into a slumber, as the curse predicted, and the woods that surround the small country grow to hide its occupants undetected until the right person comes along.

Zoom to three hundred years and the invention of the iPod later and Jack, who is certainly not a prince and most definitely not ready to be married to a princess, stumbles upon the sleeping Talia and plants that powerful kiss. End fairytale. Or, maybe not.

A Kiss in Time is really about what happens after that kiss. When Talia and the rest of her kingdom wake up to find nothing is the same – they’re not even sure the kingdom exists anymore. Talia’s father, in a fit of rage, blames this on Talia because she wasn’t able to stay away from a spindle. So, Talia runs away with Jack’s help.

Jack’s helping because he feels bad and responsible for waking her and getting her into trouble. Talia’s going with Jack because he’s the only person she knows and she’s determined to make him fall in love with her – whatever the cost.

While somewhat predictable and with some stock-secondary characters, A Kiss in Time was a fun read and a really nice retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story. It also had a really nice plot about parental obligation and standing up for your future (even when you are a teen and your parents are supposed to know best). The villain was a bit on the ho-hum side during most of the book, but by the end I thought Flinn did a brilliant job with her. I love when the villains get backstory.

Definitely a book to check out if you like fairytale retellings or romantic comedies.

Where this book came from: library e-book! love them!


2 responses to “A Kiss in Time

  1. I read this author’s “Beastly” (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast) earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know he had written other fairy tale re-tellings…

    • I haven’t read Beastly yet! It’s on my list because I hear about it all the time and I do love a good fairy tale retelling.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Please come back and say hello again sometime!

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