The Lying Game

by Sara Shepard

Brief Summary: Emma has just discovered she has a long-lost twin sister. An Identical twin sister. An Identical twin sister, Sutton, who appears to have disappeared – or been killed. Now Emma is trapped playing Sutton to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance. But when your sister was the head of The Lying Game, truth and fiction blur, leaving Emma with no idea who to trust.

Kell’s Chatty Review: The Lying Game was ensnaring. I had a hard time buying into the premise, but once the mystery really started to come about I was hooked.

The bad first: I had a tough time believing the first 50 pages. That Emma would just get on a bus to meet a girl she didn’t know without telling anyone didn’t seem to jibe with her otherwise smart attitude. I also had a hard time believing that she would just leave her bag somewhere.

Getting beyond those problems, though: the mysteries of Sutton’s disappearance and of Sutton herself were both intriguing and more than a bit creepy. There were occasions when I was SURE the mystery (or at least part of it) would be solved before the next part of the series. But it wasn’t. In fact, there’s only MORE questions to answer. I will def. be picking up the next book to see what twists and turns await Emma.

The Lying Game,: like, the game itself? SO screwed up. I don’t even know where to begin. Which, obviously, just makes everyone involved a bit more diabolical and terrifying. So, well played there. (even more well played was Shepard’s note in the acknowledgements that none of the pranks should be tried at home. Agreed.)

This book: DOES set up a mystery series, so there are a lot of details and plot developments to keep straight, which is pretty typical. I’m hoping that subsequent books will build upon the pretty good foundation and become even better and more mysterious.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Make my own list about who could be the killer. (I was on a plane – nothing kills time like list making.)

Where this book came from: An e-ARC from the publisher.


*Spoilers. A lot of them.*

So, as the reader: we know that Sutton is dead, as she’s our narrator and basically tells us this fact. But, is it possible that maybe she’s not dead? Maybe she’s in a coma somewhere? So. Many. Possibilities.

My current money is on: Charlotte. There’s a lot of pent-up anger there. And the emphasis on Laurel is reading like a Red Herring to me. Anyone else have any guesses?

And as a note: How upset will I be if Ethan ends up being a bad guy? A lot upset. A lot.

*Okay, spoilers over*


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