by Lucy Christopher

Brief Summary: Gemma was taken from her family in a Bangkok airport by Ty to Australia. She was drugged and held against her will in a shack in the terrifying beauty of the Sandy Desert. Stolen is Gemma’s account of her kidnapping. It is her letter to Ty.

Kell’s Chatty Review: Talk about chills.

If I had to pick: I would call Stolen a psychological thriller. It’s so much more than that, but the drama and tension was palpable from beginning to end. Since the book is from Gemma’s point of view, Ty remains a large mystery and I was just as apprehensive of him as Gemma was throughout the book. But at the same time…

I would also call this book: disturbing. Because it is. Christopher’s writing got into my head and I found myself both appalled by and understanding of Ty, Gemma’s kidnapper. And given the subject matter, you cannot help but feel wrong by the conflicting opinions. But my sympathies were there none-the-less.

I will admit: to crying at two parts in this book. Both were towards the end. Both surprised me and really showed me how far under my skin this book got.

This is tough subject matter.: It is excellent, however. And I personally liked and appreciated how the story closed. Stolen sticks with you. Even though I finished it a few days ago, it still is popping up in my head at unexpected times. I’m really looking forward to discussing this with others who have read it.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: ward off the Nightmare Ghosts. (books give me nightmares, what can you do?)

Where this book came from: my personal collection!


*Spoilers below!*

Okay, the parts that I cried at were, quite obviously, the two good-byes towards the end. The goodbye to the camel was BY FAR the worst one. Just thinking about it makes me a little weepy. It was like The Fox and the Hound all over again. Epic sigh.

*Spoilers over!*


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