Future Review: The Lying Game

by Sara Shepard

*Future Review posts review an ARC or Galley of a book that isn’t coming out for awhile. I have just a quick snippet with my initial reactions and will post a more in-depth review closer to when the book is released! So, tune in.*

Emma has just discovered she has a long-lost twin sister. An Identical twin sister. An Identical twin sister, Sutton, who appears to have disappeared – or been killed. Now Emma is trapped playing Sutton to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance. But when your sister was the head of The Lying Game, truth and fiction blur, leaving Emma with no idea who to trust.

The Lying Game sets us up for a new series from Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars series), one that is bound to give twists, thrills and chills if the first book is any indication. While I had a few problems with the set-up of the story, The Lying Game was intriguing and left me with so many questions – which is always good with the first book in a mystery series.

Quick note – While I bought a copy of Pretty Little Liars, it has be languishing in my TBR pile. This book has def. bumped it up a couple of spots!


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