White Cat

(Curse Workers #1)

by Holly Black

Brief Summary: Cassel’s family works for the mob. As con artists and workers, they live outside the law – and have suffered for it. Cassel’s not a worker though. He wasn’t born with the power to affect emotions, luck or other demonstrations of magic. No, Cassel is just a murderer. Or at least, that’s what he’s been led to believe. (cue eerie music)

Kell’s Chatty Review: There has been tons of internet hype about this book, and, having finally read it, I can understand why. Black does dark paranormal so well. White Cat was intriguing, with only a few things being predictable. (Black actually threw me off the scent of one MAJOR thing by literally having Cassel speak what I was thinking, then dismissing it. Pretty darn impressive.)

Loved: the way Black rewrote history. Loved, Loved, Loved that. With all the curse working, it would have been easy to slip into thinking this book was sent in a different world (or alt dimension), but her constant inclusion of bits of history really grounded the story (and the reader).

As the set up of a series: I thought White Cat did quite well. It could just as easily be a stand alone, but there are many, many avenues to pursue and it’ll be interesting to see which of these avenues Cassel & co walk down. Also, there’s no obvious end girlfriend for Cassel, which is nice.

What I wanted to do most after reading this book: In the weirdest way possible, I totally wanted a pair of gloves. Doesn’t this book make them seem awesome?

Where this book came from: My very own collection.


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