Raised by Wolves

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Brief Summary: At the young age of four, Bryn was Marked by a werewolf. An alpha werewolf, actually, who had stepped in quickly enough to save Bryn from being werewolf lunch but not quick enough to do the same for her parents. And ever since her Marking, she’s been a human amidst the pack – struggling for individualism in a world centered on group mentality. Enter Chase – a newly formed werewolf whose very existence makes Bryn reconsider everything that she was raised on.

Kell’s Chatty Review: Truth be told, I pretty much plucked this one out of the newly arrived box in the librarian’s hands. (Don’t get between me and a book I want to read, apparently.)

First, the truth: In the beginning, I was confused a bit. There are many, many intricate plot strands (not to mention the political wranglings of a werewolf pack) and, at the start, it was tough to keep track of what seemed important and what didn’t. But after settling in a bit (and starting to understand pack dynamics) the confusion trickled away and I could just immerse.

I know I say it, like, every time: but I love when we’re given a strong, smart (but not without her own flaws) heroine to read about. And Bryn is both – although not in an annoying way. Also was incredibly awesome to read about?  Where Bryn’s loyalties lie and how she reacts when those loyalties don’t…work out. Always fun and messy reading, that is. (Note: I’m doing a quick reread of this and noted how British that last phrasing was. Oh BBC, how you are influencing me.)

You could totally tell: that Barnes is getting a graduate degree in psychology from Yale. Just reading about pack dynamics and the interaction of the Weres to each other and Bryn was fascinating. Not to spoil anything, but Casey? You totally surprised me, but probably you should not have, which is why the psychology of it all is awesome.

And no one who reads Raised by Wolves: would be even remotely surprised to find that Devon was my favorite. Not one single bit. Can we get a Devon sequel? Stand-alone novel? I really feel like it would be epic to the greatest extent of the word.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: well, I wanted to see if my vague memory of there being a sequel coming to this was true or not. But after an (admittedly half-hearted) search attempt – some librarian I am tonight – I didn’t see anything confirming or denying from an official source (although I’ve read numerous unofficial reports that there is a sequel in the works. So, my hope for a story centered on Devon CONTINUES!).

Where this book came from: I wasn’t lying. Out of the box. Into my hands. I love libraries 🙂 .


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