Fat Kid Rules the World

by K.L. Going

Brief Summary: Troy is fat. No ands, ifs or buts about it. He is fat and not okay with it. To the point that he’s contemplating suicide. He’s trying to talk himself into jumping in front of subway train when he’s stopped. Stopped by a school legend – Curt, the guitar hero dropout. Curt decides that for saving his life, Troy owes him lunch. You see, Curt follows life on a whim. And his new whim (post-lunch) is that Troy should be his new drummer, regardless of the fact that Troy is A. fat and B. Not a drummer.

Kell’s Chatty Review: This book is an excellent coming-of-age story. There’s nothing pressing about the plot, but the character development over the course of the novel is fantastic.

Troy, Our Narrator: Troy is fantastic at telling the story. A combination of self-deprecating humor and naked honesty made his story believable and interesting. A good voice, if you will.

Curt: is like, the anti-thesis Troy. Skinny and free-spirited and troubled in the exact opposite way.

On the Whole: I liked Fat Kid Rules the World. It wasn’t like omg I have to read and finish this now or anything. But it was a good story with good characters and a lovely point to drive home.

What I wanted to do after reading this book: Books with characters that play musical instruments ALWAYS make me want to learn to play an instrument. Every. Single. Time.

Where this book came from: the library!


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