Only the Good Spy Young

(Gallagher Girls #4)

by Ally Carter

(Note: This is the fourth in the series. There will be Spoilers. Proceed with Caution!)

Brief Summary: Only the Good Spy Young picks up close to when Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover left off. Cammie is now under constant surveillance in order to protect her from the Circle of Cavan – even when she’s staying with her best friend and her parents (who happens to be quite excellent spies themselves). This new-found caution is making it hard for Cammie and her friends to understand why the Circle wants Cammie – and who the girls can trust inside their supposedly-safe school.

Kell’s Chatty Review: We all know that I adore Ally Carter’s books. They are smart, fun and have incredibly awesome heroines. OtGSY is no different – the tension continues to mount as Cammie and the Operatives (excellent band name) try to determine who to trust in their quest against the Circle (all while trying to survive the rest of Junior year, of course).

This book: really had Cammie in isolation. There were rarely any trips outside of the school. Cammie’s mom was MIA for most of the book and even interactions with teachers and fellow students were toned down. Literally, for most of the book, Cammie, Bex, Macey and Liz are on their own.

Well, sort of: there is Zach. But can we trust him? He’s been so freaking shady! And he’s helping someone who Cammie discovers has double-crossed her. But Zach knows things. Much more than the Gallagher Girls do.

All in all: an excellent caper. Fun new gadgets. New spies. New enemies. Lots of humorous asides (I laugh out loud a zillion times thanks to Cammie’s parenthetical notations). I cannot WAIT for the next one. (But I’ll be satisfied with Heist Society 2 to hold me off for awhile.)

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Go to sleep – stayed up way too late to finish it!

Where this book came from: my personal library!


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