My Heartbeat

by Garret Freymann-Weyr

Brief Summary: Ellen has always been the welcome third wheel to her brother, Link, and his best friend, James. The awkward family situations for the three group them together in a way that allows Ellen to enjoy their company and observe their candor with each other. Ellen has always known that Link and James were close, but it took someone asking if they were a couple for Ellen’s world to turn inside out as she discovers truths about her family, school and future.

Kell’s Chatty Review: Full disclosure: Based on the cover, I went in expecting to not like this book. We’ve discussed my Cover Obsession before and even though the description sounded amazing, I just could never see myself picking up this book with that cover. But, Printz. So, that beat out any thoughts on the covers (aside: on the whole, I am not a fan of most of the cover art for Printz books. That’s gotta be coincidence, right?) and I read it and I bloody loved it.

It’s a short book: But it packs so much emotion into 150-some pages. It is beautifully written and edited. And each character is this little nut that you want to crack open to understand, but never quite can.

This is another book: that explores sexuality and the implications of putting labels on that sexuality. GF-W was upfront about so many “unspoken laws” as she called them that it felt like you were reading this Novel of Truth. (That puts a lot of emphasis on this book. I don’t mean that, but sometimes, after reading books that don’t have this “truthness,” for lack of a better term, it is so refreshing that these capital letters are totally needed.)

Also: I LOVED and ADORED that Ellen researched the information she wanted/needed by reading books. The amount this girl reads in this novel is astonishing. I’m certain you could start a book club based on her reading list. Kell the librarian was very pleased.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: read ONE of the books Ellen. (Which, in terms of the fictional books she read, were mostly classics. Which I know I need to get on. But Printz books have priority currently!)

Where this book came from: The bookstore, then to my personal library.


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