Midnighters series


The Secret Hour

Touching Darkness

Blue Noon

by Scott Westerfeld

Brief Summary: The Midnighters series follows five relative outcasts in a Bixby, Oklahoma high school. Each has their own talent that makes them just a bit out of the ordinary – and each of them can live in a secret hour – a hidden time that happens just at midnight. Cool, right? You would think so, except for the creepy darklings that want to kill the Midnighters. That’s kind of a problem for everyone involved.

Kell’s Chatty Review: So, I’m trying something different and reviewing a whole series. I’m not it’s going to work (writing a brief summary about a series was difficult), but we’re going to try our best!

The Secret Hour: Follows Jessica’s first day at Bixby and her first experience with the Midnight Hour. It also introduces us to the other four Midnighters and gives us a look at how life has been for them growing up with this random bonus (and terrifying) hour. Aside from the darklings, you can’t use any modern convenience, like fire or electricity, in the secret hour. So, really, it’s not as cool as one would think. And Jessica, for some reason, has made the darklings very, very upset.

The series as a whole: I must admit, I enjoyed the first and last books the best. Some of the bits were a bit predictable, but the ending to the whole thing? not so much. not so much at all.

The best part, though: was the characters. I didn’t love a single one. Not that they weren’t redeeming at some point in the series, but they also had a lot of issues and problems and faults. While it got to be a bit much at certain points, for the most part it really made the story interesting and helped keep things unpredictable.

I know I’m not the first: but I vote for a follow-up stand-alone novel. Because there’s so much to explore about the midnight hour still!

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: So, I didn’t actually do this, but I had a serious think about how weird it would be if the secret hour really existed. So creepy!

Where this book came from: My own personal library!


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