Scarlett Fever

by Maureen Johnson

As this is a sequel, I think it’s safe to say there’s going to be spoilers from the first book. However, if you just plan on reading Scarlett Fever, this shouldn’t bother you too much. If you do plan on reading Suite Scarlett, come back when you’re done!

Brief Summary: So we’re back with the Martin clan, but it’s no longer summer. Hamlet is over and Scarlett has to return to school. But she can’t seem to move past Eric – no matter how much she tries. Instead, she’s focusing on work with Mrs. Amberson and, as usual, it’s a chaotic, lovely mess. You see, the AAA (not related to the car company) only has one signed talent and Mrs. Amberson is on the hunt for another person to add to the list – by whatever means necessary.

Kell’s Chatty Review: I was honestly a little concerned about how well I would like Scarlett in a school situation – part of the charm of Suite Scarlett was all the zany things that happened throughout the day. And that obviously couldn’t happen nearly as much with Scarlett being in school. But, in reality, it worked out quite well. If anything, it added to the chaos, instead of taking it away.

Lola: Okay, Maureen. You got me. I did NOT see that one coming. Lola’s the sensible one! How COULD she? And I actually kinda feel bad for Chip. I mean, he obviously is head over heels for Lola. Oye!

But I forgive you: because you keep supplying lovely fictional boys to have fictional crushes on. By now no one should be surprised that I totally heart Max. Brooding + Sarcasm = Way to Kell’s Fictional Heart. (That came out wrong. Oh well.)

But I also don’t forgive you: because of where you left us. Seriously? We have no idea about what Scarlett is going to do OR if everything ends up okay for Spencer. Not cool, Johnson. Not cool.

The big reveal: So, my favorite character, by 1,000 times over is Mrs. Amberson. Even though she causes more problems than she solves. And I’m pretty sure she has absolutely no understanding of the real world. But she’s spunky! and hysterical! And doesn’t take no for an answer! I LOVE her. Every time she’s in a scene I find myself giggling crazily, because she’s just. that. awesome.

THEN: You add in Murray, the trembling, neurotic dog? And I’m belly laughing all over the place. Goodness I adore them both. (Really, I adore them all. Or, at least, most of them.)

Marlene: If no one else is terrified for the Power trip that is going to come soon from the youngest Martin, you haven’t been paying attention. (IMO)

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Book a flight to NYC and see as many shows as possible.

Where this book came from: My personal collection….with a bone to pick…

Cover Pet Peeves: I know, I know. No one has any say over the cover choices. I totally get it. But it drives. me. NUTS. when a series comes out and they change the branding of the series in the middle of it. I ADORED the cover for Suite Scarlett AND what I thought was the original cover for Scarlett Fever. To be honest, I actually like the new covers – but I wish they would have just stuck with those on the paperbacks. Small gripes, though.


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