How to Ditch Your Fairy

by Justine Larbalestier

Brief Summary: Charlie has a parking fairy – which is not NEARLY as cool as you would think. She’s constantly getting pulled into vehicles to help find that perfect parking spot. She wants to get rid of said fairy and get a better one. Maybe a shopping fairy like her friend Rochelle, or maybe an all the boys like me fairy, like Fiorenze. It’s her personal mission, come death or expulsion.

Kell’s Chatty Review: So, obviously, this is a lovely fantasy that has to do with a girl getting rid of a highly annoying fairy. But, it also is about sports. And high school. And boys. And friendships. And it’s all set in this crazy not really true, but eerily similar alternate reality world that is fascinating. Seriously.

See: Charlie goes to a sports school. Which quite literally means everything in her school revolves around sports. There also is an all arts school, and I’m sure others that aren’t mentioned.

What Does this Do For Us, though: First and foremost it really confronts a lot of jock stereotypes (both in positive and negative lights). It also (in my opinion) shows why schools SHOULD have more than just sports or arts or what-have-you (Some of the things Charlie didn’t know BLEW MY MIND.). But mostly, it really was what made this book stand out for me. The look at an all-sports school is kind of, well, terrifying.

The Fairies: Are fun to read about as well. There are some crazazy fairies. They also bring some moral dilemmas to the forefront (like why an all the boys like me fairy is actually a really bad idea), which makes Charlie encounter some really, well, we’ll go with “different” situations.

However:  I’m not sure I liked Charlie on the whole. I esp. did not enjoy her reaction to a pivotal point featuring a water polo player. (Spoiler Alert) How do you barely react when you’re manhandled and kidnapped by a guy? I mean, yes, eventually she took action, but she once it happened and she was in the car, she was just like, yeah okay. I’m going to go with him. It sucks but what are you going to do. (At least that was how I read it)

Also: I personally felt that it was totally not fair that people who had sports-related fairies could compete against people who didn’t have sports related fairies. I mean, as an athlete, how much would that suck? You know you’re good, but NO MATTER WHAT, if this person is playing against you, this specific outcome will happen. Blows.

Final Sports Note: I did love that this book contained girls that loved and worshiped sports of all kinds. I realize there are other books of the like out there, but I particularly enjoyed the way Larbalestier presented the girls in her story (and Nettles, Charlie’s art-school-attending little sister).

What I Most Wanted to do After Reading this Book: Get a fairy. (Much like after reading His Dark Materials, I always want a daemon)

What Life Lesson I learned From this Book: The grass is not always greener on the other side. (Among others. Seriously, this book is full of good life lessons.)(But don’t read that as it’s boring. Because it’s not. It’s actually quite amusing!)

Where this book came from: My personal library. 🙂


2 responses to “How to Ditch Your Fairy

  1. Sounds like an interesting story though possibly not for me. Though a shopping fairy sounds kind of cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and you are right, after reading Dark Materials I wanted a daemon.

    • I know! daemon’s rule!

      Thanks for your thoughts! This book probably isn’t for everyone, like you said, but it is a fun, quick read!

      Hope you’re having happy holidays!

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