The Possibilities of Sainthood

By Donna Freitas

Brief Summary: There are a couple of things you need to know about Antonia: 1. She’s Italian 2. She’s Catholic 3. She’s never been kissed 4. She loves the saints 5. She’d really like to become the first living saint. Seriously.

The first two things she’s pretty cool with. The third, she’s working on by asking for assistance from the aforementioned saints (see #4) and the fifth, well, that’s not going so well, but she’s working on it!

Kell’s Chatty Review: This book was absolutely, positively delightful. I read it in one sitting and was smiling and laughing through most of it. Antonia is such a lovely character who has just enough spunk to keep her from being boring, but enough heart to make her 100% lovable.

I was thinking about this after I read the book: I noticed that Freitas didn’t dwell on backstory a whole lot, nor did she tie up all the loose ends (and not because I think there’s a sequel coming or something…there might be, but I didn’t get the impression there was from the end of the book). Normally, this would annoy me. But in the case of Sainthood, I really think it made the book seem like a snapshot of this group of people. And for some reason, that made me like it even more.

Catholic: So, the person who recommended this book to me suggested that some of the jokes or lines might not be understood by non-Catholics. Since I was raised Catholic, obviously I can’t say one way or the other if this is true. However, I think if you have any experience with big families, private schools or crazy family traditions, this book will strike a chord. Sure, there’s a lot of info about the saints, but I think Antonia (or, rather, Freitas) does a really good job of explaining all the backgrounds and stuff.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Learn how to make homemade pasta. (don’t worry, I didn’t. I cannot even imagine the mess.)

What life lesson I learned about this book: I’m not sure it’s a life lesson, but who knew that there was a Saint Committee and that you can write to them?

Where this book came from: My library! But I totally plan on buying a copy for myself and just about half of my friends.


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