The Splendor Falls

by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Brief Summary: Sylvie was a ballerina. But she fell, and there went that. Sylvie used to live with her single mom. Until her single mom married a psychiatrist. Sylvie had planned on spending her time healing in NYC. But Mom and Stepdad think a trip to her father’s homestead – in Alabama – would be better. Sylvie thought she was sane.

Until she started see ghosts.

Kell’s Chatty Review: I made that summary a lot more dramatic than I probably should have, but I couldn’t resist. This book is a good ghost story, perfect for fall nights under the cover with a flashlight. There’s more than ghosts, however. There’s a pretty good mystery, two cute boys, lots of delicious food and a little dog, too! Basically, a very fun, creepy read that is equal parts creepy and romantic.

History: One thing I love about ghost stories (when they don’t scare the bejeezes out of me) is the history involved in telling the story. And this book is full of dramatic backstories and descriptive narrative. Most of it (it is fiction), isn’t true, but I was convinced enough to believe it could be true and that’s what counts, right?

Ballet: This was the one downside of the book. The whole former ballet dancer thing seemed a little….pushed sometimes. Or, in other words, in certain areas the idea seemed forced, whereas other times when I expected it to come up, it didn’t. It might be because I have nothing to relate it to. But a lot of the times I just felt like Sylvie was whining. And if not whining, just that it didn’t particularly fit. (Teeny-tiny spoiler: I mean in ALL the time of the ENTIRE book she doesn’t stretch once? That seems pretty not right. I mean, just because one leg was bad didn’t mean both of them were…)

What a Dilemma!: Like I said, there are two cute boys in this. Right from the beginning I knew who I liked more, but both are charming in their own ways. Both also have mysterious ties that make the triangle all the more intriguing…

The FOOD: Oh man. I was drooling through most of this book. Just wanted to note that.

What Life Lesson I learned from this book: Ghosts should not be messed with. (This seems to be a good over-arching theme. I’m not even sure that this is the lesson of the book dealing with ghosts. But usually when I read ghost stories, this is the thought I have upon finishing them.)

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Eat. And buy a cute, tiny dog I can take everywhere with me.

Where this book came from: ALA! I was asking about Rosemary Clement-Moore’s other books and the rep handed this gem to me! Woot!

Note from Kell: Posts will be shorter, not nearly as coherent and much farther in between. In the last month of the semester, so ergo, crazy. I’m not even rereading this post to check for errors. There’ll be at least one more post tonight, but no clue when the next will come! Hang with me through the radio silence! Thanks!


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