by Michael Northrop

Brief Summary: Gentlemen, in brief, is about four teen-aged boys and the where the barriers of friendship lie.

In length, it’s a tale, told from one of the boys’ (Mike) point of view, about what happens when one of the four goes missing under suspicious circumstances. How far should you go to figure out the truth? When do you stop protecting each other and think about yourself?

Kell’s Chatty Review: Gentlemen was an excellent – and disturbing – read. It reminded me a bit of The Outsiders in both its characters, way the story was told and the actual story itself. I thought Northrop did a great job of really turning up the suspense and bizarre cruelty that was in the book.

On Micheal (Mike), The Narrator: I’m 95% sure I would not have liked this book if Mike hadn’t been the narrator. His tone was conversational and completely honest – to a degree that emphasized the disturbing nature. Because this was story was told by Mike of the future, it also allowed for some great foreshadowing (that was positively foreboding 🙂 ) throughout the entire book.

Friendships?: I loved that this book really drew some serious lines about what friendship is and is not. I realize the whole “peer pressure” thing is completely over-emphasized today, but Northrop managed to make the actions of the boys not necessarily peer pressure, but not necessarily their own. It came down to friendships. Which I think is a much more realistic way of how teenagers work.

Loved the Tommy storyline. Did not see that coming, BTW.

What life lesson I learned from this book: Sometimes, you really do just have to let go. No matter how much history is there.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Read something slightly happier (I hate going to bed after reading upsetting/disturbing books)

Where This Book Came From: The library!


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