Sea Change

by Aimee Friedman

Brief Summary: Instead of starting her summer internship at the Museum of Natural History, Miranda has had a change of plans. Her grandmother has died and left the family’s summer house on Selkie Island to Miranda’s mother. Which is a little bizarre since Miranda’s mom and grandma haven’t spoken in years. So Miranda’s off to help pack up the house for selling.

Things go poorly almost immediately. A weird, old sailor on the ferry to Selkie is warning her about the monsters that lurk in Selkie’s waters and her mother seems to be doing a complete 180 personality-wise. Miranda can’t deny the lure of Selkie, though, and the mysteriousness of the island – and its inhabitants – will make this a rather unusual summer.

Kell’s Chatty Review: I picked this up for a few different reasons. One, Meg Cabot blurbed it in her blog. Two, its cover is completely gorgeous. Three, (if you haven’t noticed) I have a thing for myths and fairytales – fiction or nonfiction. So the whole mermaid angle was a no-brainer. Overall, I liked it. I still struggle with the whole instant love connection thing, but there were a lot of fun hidden secrets contained in this book.

Southern Living: I loved reading about the southern upper-class living. Especially the teenagers Miranda is forced to hang out with. It’s probably no different from northern upper-class living, but being a northerner, I perceive it to be.

But Really, I Wanted to Know: more about Fisherman’s Village. Not nearly enough time was spent there. And it sounds freaking AWESOME. Plus, legend has it that merfolk live there….

What life lesson I learned from this book: Don’t swim in the ocean after dark by yourself. Riptides are not good for you.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Read the sequel. I mean SERIOUSLY. I need more closure than I had. And more time in Fisherman’s Village. And more CeeCee. And more awesome retro fancy sundresses. And more Leo. And more information from Leo. And, for that matter, more information about Isadora! There are at least two more letters to read! Come. On.

For the Record: I tried to find out if there was going to be a sequel and I couldn’t find a whisper. If someone knows, could you let me know? Because if there is no sequel, I need to discuss possible theories with someone.

Re-Readability Rating: 3 (4.5 if a sequel comes out)

Where this Book Came From: My personal library. And, prior to that, a bookstore! (aka I bought it)


2 responses to “Sea Change

  1. Hey! I just read, like, twenty of your reviews! Boy, I am in love with you! ^^
    And about the sequel, I badger the author every 6 months and she said no plans of the sequel yet, but she’d let me know if something turns up.

    • Thank you so much for visiting! I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews…they can be such a hodge-podge sometimes.

      And yes – I check on the sequels for this all the time! Craziness.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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