Kit’s Wilderness

by David Almond

Brief Summary: Stoneygate has a history and its history is deep within the ground, underneath the town. A former coal-mining town, the area still has many reminders of its former past – from the remaining old families to the old mine shafts to the monuments to the children lost forever to the ground. Christopher “Kit” Watson has returned with his family to Stoneygate to take care of his grandfather. While his teachers and family want him to focus on the future, Stoneygate seems to want him to focus on the long-dead past.

Kell’s Chatty Review: I was a little disappointed by this book. Mostly because the plot was constantly changing so I could never really figure out what it was about. I get that it was about how the past lives on and defines us, etc. But, for lack of a better way of putting it, I felt like I was missing some key plot points or hidden symbolism that would have explained everything a bit more.

And Who Knew it was a Ghost Story?: I certainly didn’t. And it was ridiculously haunting (so is the cover when you really look at it.) Ghost stories totally creep me out, although I didn’t seem to have any nightmares after reading this one, so that’s a bonus. There are some creepy parts, so if you like to a good scare, this is a pretty good book for that.

Maybe this is a Character-Driven Book?: Because I adored the characters in the book. I loved Allie and I loved Grandpa. And Silkie, no matter how creepy that was.

(Spoiler Alert!)

But what was with the Ice Age story?: I understand that the history there was linked to Kit and Askew (aged thirteen), but it seemed so out of place. I wanted to hear more about the mines and the skinny children and Silkie. This random story that developed out of a homework assignment for Kit didn’t really fit with me. I understood that Kit and Askew were linked due to their ancestry in the mines, so I had been hoping for something to develop dealing with that past. Not with a past that only seemed to have Askew in it, no matter how ancient.

(End Spoiler)

What life lesson I learned from this book: Games called “Death” probably aren’t very fun

What I most wanted to do after this book: Sleep with the lights on.

Re-Readability Rating: 1

Where this book came from: Library!


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