Jellicoe Road

by Melina Marchetta

Basic Summary: Taylor has been living on the Jellicoe Road since her mom dropped her off at a 7-11 and drove away, never looking back. After a failed attempt at trying to find her mom again, Taylor has been learning the ropes of leading the territory wars for the Jellicoe School between the Townies, the Cadets and her fellow classmates.

But the closest thing she has to a guardian has seemingly left her and the territory wars  are starting to get intense. For some reason, Taylor thinks if she can solve the mystery of five missing teenagers from Jellicoe, she might survive the next seven weeks – and the fact Jonah Griggs (whose own messy past is meshed with Taylor’s) is back in town.

Kell’s Chatty Review: So, I think at the moment, Jellicoe Road is in my Top 10 list of Best Books I Have Read This Year (which I just checked, and I have read 65 – although not all for the first time). I was unsure of what I would think of it based on the jacket descriptions, and to be honest, the only reason I read it was because of my Printz Reading Challenge.

But it has everything. Taylor is flawed and heartbreaking, for both her past and the fragile sense of hope she has. There’s a ridiculously hot (IMO) romance, great friendships and – most importantly – an amazingly complex mystery. And (as to be be expected of a Printz winner) the writing is beautiful.

Maybe I’m Unaware: but it took me awhile to really start grasping the answers to the many mysteries in this book. Which, obviously, is nice because it’s annoying when you figure out whodunit CHAPTERS before the character does.

The One Downfall: Is there is a ridiculously high number of characters to keep straight in this one. It took me a while to really keep people straight or at least figure out who I really didn’t have to know.

For Books As Epic At This One: I never feel like I’m mature enough to find the right words to match the amazing-ness. So, please, do not not read this because of my crazy, rambling chatter.

Oh Printz, Spot On: I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m wary of books that are selected for awards. But, thus far, the Printz Awards have been surprising me. Here’s hoping the rest are as fantastic as (most) of the ones I’ve already read.

What I most wanted to do after reading this book: Sleep. (I stayed up ridiculously late to finish this one because it was just that good.)

What this book taught me about life: Friendships are just as important as family.

Re-Readability Rating: A very high 4.

True Story: Jonah Griggs is officially on the Fictional Character Toothbrush list.

Where this book came from: Bought online! Woot!


2 responses to “Jellicoe Road

  1. Fictional Character Toothbrush list??

    I’ve started this one a couple times, but didn’t get very far. I still plan to read it (Printz Project and all), but I don’t understand what’s going on. Hopefully next time I try, something will click.

    • lol. Toothbrush List is the Kell equivalent of my Crush list.

      And I wholeheartedly agree with you about not understanding what’s going on. I really had to get a couple chapters in to get it (and get rid of some of the bonus characters who were confusing me with their presence).

      But stick with it. The end justifies the beginning confusion (I hope, anyway 🙂 )

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