HPRC: Bonus Edition

So, just for, you know, kicks (and not in any way because I’m bummed that HPRC is over), I read the remaining JKR items that I have. Quick thoughts/blurbs on each below.

Tales of Beedle the Bard: I am fully aware that this book is like, in reality, 90 pages. Maybe less, but I do adore it. I think it is completely obvious that wizards would have their own set of “fairy tales.” But, obviously, the Tale of the Three Brothers has a particularly fun background. My favorite of the five tales has to be The Fountain of Fair Fortune (I adore the drawings), and the creepiest is the Warlock’s Hairy Heart. Dumbledore’s commentary is, as always, delightful and the fact that Hermione translated from the original runes is just a topper. Love this little book.

Quidditch Through the Ages: Originally released on its own, but now only available in a box set, QTtA gives a brief overview of the history of Quidditch. Which, really, was ingenious on JKR’s part, because everyone (muggle and wizard alike) loves Quidditch and wants to know how this noble sport came about. My personal fave are the “blurbs” by other authors promoting the book, and I think Dumbledore’s note at the beginning is so amusing. The actual history is interesting, although I’m always a little bummed that US of A is so far behind in liking Quidditch.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: LOVE the doodling and writing throughout Harry’s textbook. It seriously makes the book. For the most part, it actually reads like a textbook, but I do enjoy the actual listing of the magical creatures. Esp. because JKR draws so much from other myths and legends and to have that acknowledged is awesome.

What’s Your Story?: So, Waterstone’s (an English bookstore, i think) developed a project for charity where a bunch of authors and some author-wannabes contributed a postcard worth of a story. Each postcard was auctioned off for said charity. Copies of the postcards were compiled into a book and sold in Waterstone’s stores. JKR did one, containing an 800 word prequel. I paid a RIDICULOUS amount of money (for such a small amount of text)(but it was for both the JKR card and the Neil Gaimen card) to get one, but it’s so worth it because of the four listed here, it’s my favorite. You can read the whole thing here!

It also should be noted that all of the above were published for some sort of charity cause. Which I think makes JKR even cooler. (and makes me feel better about spending money on them.)

And, as I’m sure you can expect, I own each of these items 🙂


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