HPRC: Part, The End

Like before, there are spoilers (a lot), and I’m just going to go with it…ergo, no form letter for this post!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Full Disclosure: I had not read this book in its entirety since its release. This is mostly due to the fact I have been in a grad program and did not have time to read all 759 (paperback) pages last summer, but opted to read my favorite parts (probably 300pages, if i were to guess). So I was uber pumped to reread it and ended up reading it (once again) in one night.

The First (And, Incidentally, Last) Time I Read This Book: This book was released on the same night my friend was getting married. I was in the wedding. Luckily, she (the bride) and many of the bridesmaids were HP fans, and she (the bride) wanted the book for her honeymoon. So she kicked us out of the reception at 11 o’clock so that we could go pick it up at midnight for her. I got home at like one-ish in the morning, read the entire thing, went to the morning-after the wedding brunch then came home and slept. And it was totally worth it.

About J.K.R.: In brief, I do want to note that I think in all the books (but it stands out the most in Deathly Hallows), JKR rewards those who read and love her characters and the world she created. There are tons of people that were introduced throughout the seven books and many of them make some sort of reappearance in the seventh book. Also, there’s a lot of reference back to earlier books (one of my favorite: “Are you a wizard or what?”).  I honestly thing that is one of the reasons I keep rereading these books.

Because: this was the first time i’d really concentrated on the book (hello, the first time i read it i had a deadline for brunch!), I really was able to pick up on a lot I hadn’t before. My favorite part was an amazing exchange between Ginny, Fred and Mrs. Weasley in the Room of Requirement near the end. Ginny wants to fight against Voldemort and declares that she’s in Dumbledore’s Army. Mrs. Weasley exclaims that it’s just a “teenager’s gang.” Fred, however, gave me goosebumps when he said “A teenager’s gang that’s about to take him on, which no one else has dared to do!” (page 604) So amazingly true. I love the many things this statement reflects.

Speaking of Fred: I was heartbroken by his, Hedwig’s and Lupin’s deaths. According to JKR, it was either Lupin or Mr. Weasley, and I do think the right one was killed. (Mr. Weasley is, quite literally, the only stable father figure in the entire series. Plus, with Lupin’s death, she was able to show that an orphan can still be raised with love – which both Voldemort and Harry were not.) But Hedwig and Fred. Man. Not even okay a little bit.

In Conclusion: The HPRC, as always, was a blast. I can’t wait to do it again next summer (without homework!) and see the Deathly Hallows movies. I hope everyone (all 5 of you) goes out and rereads them because they are amazing and awesome

(Editor’s Note: Numbers post to come, but later after work. Also, I wasn’t originally going to do this, and I still might not, but I have a bunch of Harry-related books that I’ve been meaning to read that I may do some write ups on those!)


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